Raw Experiences – base prices


Raw Fun

Experience the thrill of exploring the diverse regions of the Sunshine Coast in a Raw Explore Jeep with the wind in your hair while staying on the black stuff.

2hrs 5hrs 10hrs 24hrs 48hrs
$92 $186 $262 $297 $492


Raw Adventure

Getting off the sealed road is where the adventure begins. Imagine – the fully immersive experience of driving through stunning rainforest, the native Australian bush and crystal-clear creeks in an open-topped Jeep. There’s nothing like it.

5hrs 10hr 24hrs 48hrs
$235 $318 $357 $571


Raw Explore

Ok, now we’re getting serious. The ultimate experience and one you will not forget. Go Anywhere you want. Drive along words-can’t-describe beaches, explore 4WD tracks that have your passengers gripping the ‘oh-shh…ugar’ handles. See places and sights not that many people get to see. We’ll give you some suggestions/ideas but basically if you can legally drive there – go for it. And we’ll loan you a UHF radio (so you can still contact civilization) and 4WD recovery gear (for when, umm I mean, if, you get stuck). There are GPS units on the vehicles so it shouldn’t take them too many days to find you.

10hrs 24hrs 48hrs
$489 $545 $857