Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my hair get messed up?


Will I get wet if it rains?

Depends. If you are in the Jeep when it rains then yes, probably. You can put the soft-top up but it doesn’t have windows so it really only slows down how quickly you get wet.

What are the seating options?

There are 2 options. As standard, these TJs (Jeep Wranglers) can seat 4-people – this includes being able to have 2 child car seats in the back. There is also the option to have the rear seat removed to allow for more storage room in the rear in which case it can only seat 2 people.

Is there much storage room in the Jeeps?

In a word, no. With the rear-seat in there is a tiny amount of storage behind the rear seats. With the rear-seat removed there is a space about 90cmx90cm (without the storage box or esky in there).

Who can hire your super-cool Jeeps?

You must be at least 25 and not over 75 years of age, have no less than 12 months driving experience and must hold a valid driver’s licence to be able to hire one of our Jeeps

Do the Jeeps have air-conditioning/heating?

Ah, well… yeah they do, but…

Where can we go when we hire a Jeep?

Anywhere. (I know what you’re thinking – it has to be legal though silly). The base hire rate applies to on-road-only fun. Additional packages can be bought for off-road and beach adventures. We can provide you with some GPS-based routes preprogrammed into a navigation unit/tablet as some ideas but ultimately its up to you where you go.

What are the Jeep like to drive?

Let’s just say they are not a sports car on the road. They are not built for speed. They are built to enjoy the experience of getting from A to B, not to do it as fast as you can. Off-road is where they really come into their own though. Trust us – you’ll love it.

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