Our ‘TJs’

We at Raw Explore love (that’s the obsessive unhealthy kind of love) our little green Jeeps. However, we can grudgingly acknowledge that they might not for everybody.

We would not argue if one were to say that they are not the most practical vehicles on the road.

Or the most economical.  

Are they Spacious and Roomy? ‘Fraid not. 

Comfortable and refined? Ahh, that would be a no. 

Will your hair get messed up? Yep. 

And one might even get wet if it were to rain (or even if you just go through a big puddle for that matter).  If these things are a concern to you, we recommend the following vehicle for your next adventure  – very practical, with climate control and power folding mirrors!

Our Jeeps might not have power folding mirrors, but one thing they are is Fun!   Raw, cheesy-grin-inducing Fun!   

So, if the above hasn’t scared you off and you’re ready for an adventure, read on to find out more about our ‘TJs’ (that’s the model of Jeep Wrangler for the non-Jeep fanatics out there). 

Our ‘TJs’ are 2-door, 4-seater 4-Wheel Drives. They are basic and unrefined – ‘raw’ if you will. They have little half-doors with no windows. They have a simple soft-top that can be pulled over the cab for questionable protection against the elements.




With the rear seats in, the ‘storage’ is minimal. In addition to the supplied 4WD/recovery gear and optional esky there’s room for one suitcase. Oops, did I say suitcase? I meant shoe.



Some of our TJs have the rear seat removed and a custom storage box and esky mounted in it’s place. With the rear seat removed, there’s a little more room for storage but your gear might still get dusty. Or muddy. Or wet. Or sandy. Or maybe even all 4. The storage box contains recovery gear and optional accessories such as camp chairs and shade-awning so available space in here will depend on the accessories you decide to bring with you.



And to top it all off, you might burn your feet on the hot floor because there is no carpet. We’re not joking. Be careful. It gets really hot.